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Personalized Representation for Personal Injury and Product Liability Claims

Gary Atkin¬†focuses his practice on personal injury and product liability litigation as he has done for more than 40 years. The vast majority of these personal injury cases are handled on a “contingent fee” basis, which means the fees and costs of litigation are paid out of the proceeds of the case.

In addition to handling numerous standard personal injury cases, Gary has concentrated on “third party” cases for injured employees. Although Utah’s workers’ compensation laws do not permit an injured worker to sue his employer or fellow employees, the law does allow actions against other persons (“third parties") who may have partially caused the injury. Most automobile accidents on the job fall into this category. Other examples of “third party” cases are falls at construction sites from safety failures of a general contractor or other subcontractor on that project. Injuries on ladders, defective scaffolding, improperly charged gas or electric lines, equipment defects or failures, defective vehicles, defective or non-existent warning signs, and trench collapses are just of few of the other types of “third party” cases handled by Gary over the years.

If you have been injured on or off the job, Gary can evaluate your situation and advise you on the best way to proceed. There is no charge for a consultation. Call Gary at (801)521-2552.