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Gary E. Atkin, Esq.

At the start of his distinguished career, Gary spent several years working with the Utah Legislative General Counsel, representing the Utah legislature in their legal matters. He was also associated with several firms before forming Atkin & Associates in 1980 and currently serves as the senior partner in that firm. He has handled personal injury, product liability, workers compensation, and third party actions for over fifty years.

Gary has been successful over the years in securing significant recoveries by way of settlement or trial on behalf of injured workers in actions brought against third parties (persons or entities other than the employer) who were responsible for their injuries at work. These have included substantial recoveries for:

Gary prides himself on his ability to coordinate the workers compensation benefits, social security benefits, insurance benefits and other available benefits into a settlement package which allows the maximum benefit to his clients.

Outside the office Gary is avid toy collector and his favorite pastimes include golf, skiing, and sharing his toys with his grandchildren.

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